Safety Information

As per Modplay Pty Ltd Safety Recommendations

12. Where the Product you are acquiring from Modplay consists of children’s play equipment, the following safety recommendations apply:-
12.1.1. Always place any play piece on a soft but sturdy surface (never concrete or hard ground); 
12.1.2. Use of play equipment by children must be supervised at all times with an adult within arm’s reach of a child.  Children should never be left unsupervised. 
12.1.3. Where the Product requires assembling, care should be taken to ensure assembly in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.  
12.1.4. Any recommended weight limit for a Product must be adhered to, without exception. 
12.1.5. Where a play Product consists of steps or a rocking style play toy, all body parts should be kept clear of the underside of the Product. 
12.1.6. Whilst play Products are, unless otherwise expressly stated, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Modplay recommends play Products be kept protected from climatic conditions and be stored at all times undercover.