Small Ring Peg Stacker
Small Ring Peg Stacker
Small Ring Peg Stacker

Small Ring Peg Stacker

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Our Ring Peg Stackers are designed to store Grapat Rings while allowing for an interesting display for children. Each peg stacks six Grapat rings. They also encourage early numeracy skills such as counting, colour matching, patterning and simple addition/subtraction as well as strengthening a child's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they stack the rings on the pegs. 

Our boys love stacking the rings, using tongs to remove and stack the rings, counting the rings as they are stacked and colour matching. 

Our Ring Peg Stackers come in two sizes to suit your Grapat Ring collection.  

Did you know our hand-crafted products come in a variety of finishes to suit your needs? Our Ring Peg Stackers can be left as a raw wood finish or finished with Beeswax.

Small Ring Peg Stacker stores 36 rings.


*Due to each of our products being hand-made to order please allow 3-4 weeks until your order is ready. 


Dimensions - Length - 185mm x Width - 125mm x Height of Peg - 75mm

Box dimensions - 220mm x 145mm x 110mm

 *Grapat Rings are not included. 


Shipping Information 

Shipping to metro areas is $10 for up to 5kg.

As each play piece is made to order please allow four weeks until item is shipped. We will let you know when your play piece has been shipped or is ready for pick-up. 


Safety Recommendations 

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